amitesh virdi

not your ordinary homecook

mutton curry


500 gr                       Mutton, pieces

500 ml                       Mutton stock

1 bunch                     Fresh coriander (leaves and stems)

3 pcs                          Green chilies, chopped

200 gr                       Onions, chopped

200 gr                       Tomatoes, chopped

1 pc                            Bayleaf

3 pc                            Green Cardamom

6 pc                            Cloves

1 pc                            Black cardamom

10 gr                          Garlic paste

10 gr                          Ginger paste

4 gr                            Turmeric powder

4 gr                            Cumin powder

5 gr                            Red chili powder

to taste                     Salt to taste

30 gr                          Ghee


Clean Mutton. Marinate with ginger garlic paste, salt and chili powder. Leave to rest for 4 hours.

In a warm water bowl, add mutton and leave it for 30 min.

Heat ghee, add whole spices, ginger and garlic paste. Cook till they are fragrant. Add green chilies and onion. Cook till golden. 

Add cumin powder and red chili powder. Add turmeric.

Add tomatoes. Cook well for 10 min till tomatoes blend in with onions.

Add lamb meat. Cook for 5 – 8 min. 

Add lamb stock and left over water from marination. Pour enough only to make a gravy according to your thickness preference. Bring to a boil and pressure cook for 25-45 min (depending on the size of meat pieces). 

Season with salt. 

Add chopped coriander. Mix.

Serve hot.

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