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the real Chicken Manchow soup

now this shit nobody ain’t ever gonna teach you. because there are so many variations, everyone claims their name to fame. but.. here’s the real deal. 100 gr chicken leg, deboned, finely mince 10 gr pakchoy, washed, finely diced 3 gr ginger, wash, peel, finely dice 3 gr garlic, wash, peel, finely dice 20 gr […]

the best ever leg of pork

wash it well first. god knows where all your pork has been to. i was half drunk when i cooked this piece up. it looked pathetic as raw meat. had to do somethin about it. i am using 8 kilo whole leg of pork here because i want to, you can use smaller piece of […]

Somethin’ green Coriander Chicken.. this one was good, yea..

this is a quick recipe of some badass serious stuff.. gather all products, blend ’em together, marinate your meat and cook. finish cooking in 15 min. the tip is to leave chicken in this marinade for some time to absorb its flavor. even if you don’t, no worries mate,, it’ll mix up in your tummy. […]

the best mutton curry

This is one of the best and most simplest of all curries that can be cooked anytime, anywhere. Pick a kid goat / lamb for cooking as the meat will be tender. Ingredients 500 gr                       Mutton, pieces 500 ml                       Mutton stock 1 bunch                     Fresh coriander (leaves and stems) 3 pcs                          Green chilies, chopped 200 gr                       […]

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