cooking asparagus isn’t a very big task. you just need to be in your senses.

throw in a bit of garlic, and maybe onion, some thyme.. cook with butter.. butter.. butter asparagus goes so well with butter.. mmmhhh! i’m already wet.. my mouth.

green asparagus can be directly roasted or grilled. if you wanna blanch it first, fine go ahead. but remember.. blanching takes away a lot of taste of the food. it all drains into the water. if i were to blanch, i would first prepare an extremely flavourful stock,, something that i want to blend into the food i am cooking; and use only a very small quantity of this stock for blanching. this stock should later be reduced, blended in with butter or oil and poured over the food or used into the recipe somewhere.

no flavor should be lost at anypoint.

pay attention here, ladies – asparagus doesn’t need too much cooking, it will discolour. if you are blanching, keep nothing more than 10-15 seconds depending on the thickness.
keep a check on its doneness.
some like the asparagus tender. some like to have a bite in there.
so suit yourself.

white asparagus is more fibrous. thick skin. this one needs to be peeled well and then blanched.

okay lets get some hands on this.

500 gr white asparagus, mmmhhhhhh
100 gr butter
some salt
1 ltr water

add salt to water, bring it to a boil
add butter
when the water is bubbling, 
throw in the asparagus
the water will stop bubbling 
coz asparagus
took away the heat.
as soon as water starts bubbling again,
  simmer the flame.
let it cook for 10 min.
pick a small bite 
and check if its tender 
and ready to be eaten.
if yes, take out the asparagus 
and we prepare for plating.
if you have some more 
 asparagus to be cooked,
add more water to the ol' stock, 
check salt and get back 
       to the first step.

final step.. reduce the stock,
till its only 2 tablespoons left,
throw in your herbs - thyme or whatever
throw in a full tea spoon 
                   of cold butter
and vigorously start shaking the pot
to blend the butter into the sauce.
don't stop till 
the butter is completely dissolved.
the stock is now thick 
because of the chilled butter 
you added in the end. 
this is your sauce.

**you can play this with anything 
and make a sauce out of it. just 
remember the butter 
needs to be chilled and your stock hot.
butter should be added 
piece by piece, not all together**

throw your cooked asparagus
into this sauce, coat it.
pick up with tongs and plate.
spoon the sauce over asparagus

eat now.

shitty ass leg of pork

wash it well first. god knows where all your pork has been to.

i was half drunk when i cooked this piece up. it looked pathetic as raw meat. had to do somethin about it.

i am using 8 kilo whole leg of pork here because i want to, you can use smaller piece of meat but don’t forget to cut down the quantity of ingredients too.

or stay stoned and do whatever.

8 kilo pork leg
10 pieces elephant garlic, peeled, crushed
1 piece ginger, peeled, crushed
15-20 pieces thai bird eye chilies
1 litre light soy sauce
1 litre chinese cooking wine
1 litre maggie seasoning sauce
500 ml dark soy sauce
400 gr fresh bamboo, diced
100 gr chicken seasoning powder
300 gr or so.. seasalt. suit it for yourself
300 ml honey

wash the pork leg. dry it with a towel. 
use 200 gr seasalt to rub on the pork skin. massage it well.
leave for 2 hours.
in a large pot, mix soy sauce, wine, bamboo, 
seasoning powder, seasalt, chilies, ginger and garlic.
add water. check for salanity. it should be mildly salty.
slide in your pork meat and leave to soak for 1 hour.
put the pot on high fire and bring the stock to a boil.
simmer the flame, and leave to cook for about 2 hours.
remove pot from flame, and leave at room temperature to rest. 
should take about 5-6 hours.
before serving, reheat the pork leg inside stock 
by bringing it to a single boil. remove.
this can be served right away 
or you can roast for about 15 min at 190C, preheated oven. 
but bae.. before you roast, rub some honey on the top layer.. 
it gives a nice golden crunch.