what ya starin’ at? get the hell outta here..

and there’s nothin’ much to read..

a few recipes.. my thoughts and some dumb shit.

why?! coz i paid for this space.

i jot down few of my thoughts on this site after spending some time in the kitchens, the dark dwelling kitchens that you will never see.. and if you thought the world behind those restaurants was all pink and rose petals,, well, cinderella, wake up.. there ain’t no prince coming.

kitchens where profanity is used like you breathe oxygen.. inhale. exhale. inhale. exhale. f*** you.

i’m still gonna try n be euphemistic but then, sometimes emotions takeover and you see my bitchass mood once a while.

so breathe. inhale. exhale. whatever.

lemme talk to you about some serious shit stuff.. somethin philosophical..

“every smelly shit was once real good food.”

its the greatest universal truth of all time. needless to say. but it ain’t scientifically proven.. so you can dwell on your crazy thoughts..

so shit was once food.. and not just good food. it was gourmet food! food that you got attracted to. that you admired. took pictures of.. said ‘yumm’ when it touched your lips. yea, open ’em wide, baby.

all that shit, you see – good shit or bad shit, was once good food. respect that shit.

..so folks, the main point here is ..any human you see – good or bad – in your perspective, was once the good guy next door.. and you are responsible for what they become… except for me.. i was born bad. a badass devil. a satan.

lastly, a puzzle for your lousy nut brain…

what shit goes up and never comes down?


… all the shit will come back to you,, so be wise while throwin’ some shit around.

now get the hell outta here.