amitesh virdi

not your ordinary homecook

chapter II

Chapter II

During my time at the Italian restaurant, the hotel was coming up with a magnificent new restaurant. A humongous one. We were told it would be a night club, an entertainment center. We were excited. It would become the talk of the town. But the night club was none of my business. Infact, it wasn’t for any of us. We were strict restaurant Chefs. It would be stupid asking for a transfer to the night club kitchen. We couldn’t imagine ourselves cooking junk food. It would be blasphemous!

We would often go to the construction site to take a look at the progress. After a year it started taking shape. The place was turning out into a beautiful masterpiece. There was restaurant at the top, a mezzanine deck and a night club on the lower floor. There was a lot of use of wood, rough black stone and glass on floor and walls. The whole look was quite warm with an old age charm.

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